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March 7, at 7: That is, it is not the children of the flesh that are children of God; but the children of the promise are reckoned for a seed. And also Hebrews And yes I am shouting but doubt if this ignoramus is listening. Such people as this man are worse than atheists, for he professes belief yet by WILFUL ignorance twists the Scriptures to his own purposes. People like HH would just say that you proved their point. They would say the children of the promise are true spiritual Israel as Christians also are and that most of natural Israel proved that they were children of the flesh.

Daniel Horan

And which brings this public discussion to a much-needed level of moral maturity. The occasion for Br. Dan’s reflection is the so-called March for Life that is taking place today in D. In some Catholic circles, it has become well-nigh obligatory to participate in this annual “pro-life” event. Many Catholic colleges, notably those on the right end of the political and religious spectrum, send busloads of students to the event annually.

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The last thing he wants is for you to feel sorry for him. Ten years ago, at the age of 26 Lavi Greenspan became completely blind after surviving a benign brain tumor. He had just begun Fordham Law School in Manhattan when he noticed that he was often very thirsty. He went to visit the doctor who gave him a routine check-up and told him to come back in a few weeks. Figuring that it was nothing, Lavi decided not to go back.

Several months later, still having unusual symptoms, his mother urged him to return to the doctor. This time, the doctor took one look at his face, which had become very round and bloated and told him that he had Cushing’s disease, a benign tumor on the pituitary gland. Over the next year, Lavi underwent numerous surgeries to remove the tumor. The operations were successful, allowing Lavi to return to law school at the end of that trying year. In September , Lavi was involved in a minor accident after he cut another car off on the highway.

He did not see the car in any of his mirrors, even though it should have been clearly visible. A few weeks later, he lost all vision in one eye. Despite many attempts to reverse the process, it was too late — he had endured damage to the optic nerve during the course of his many surgeries. It was just a matter of time before he was going to lose vision in the other eye as well.

Dan Horan, OFM

It has been a very divisive election season, and I hope and pray that our nation can find healing and move ahead with the great ideals of our founding fathers. Plenty of news to share from this past week, and may you have a blessed week ahead! Part-time hermit to live in Austrian cave The Local ow. Still Matters Word On Fire ow. Michael and Our Lady of Fatima: Choices reflect beliefs about life after death CNS ow.

Daniel Horan, O.F.M., popular author of Dating God and other books on Franciscan themes?and expert on the spirituality of Thomas Merton?masterfully presents the untold story of how the most popular saint in Christian history inspired the most popular spiritual writer of the twentieth century, and.

Horan, OFM If you were to ask a stranger on the street or the co-worker at the water cooler what first comes to mind when they hear the word Catholic, chances are good that you might get a response like “the Vatican,” “the Pope” or “the Mass. However, the origin of the word and its usage in Christianity for millennia suggests something quite different from what we might initially think.

And what it really means has profound implications for what it means to be a Christian in the world and how we should conceive of being “church. How does such a school incorporate this nebulous concept “catholic identity” into its mission in a tangible way? Ong’s contribution was to look at the meaning of the word catholic itself to get a better handle on the task at hand.

What he revealed bears broader ramifications than simply helping Catholic colleges and universities develop their mission.

Is the prophesied destruction of Damascus imminent?

What has the author Daniel A Helminiak written? Person and offices, History of doctrines ‘Spirituality for our global community’ — subject- s -: Daniel Featley has written:

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Linkedin Comment Julian and Adrian Riester were known as two quiet, unassuming identical twins who both became Franciscan friars. So it is ironic that their story is now being told worldwide. Born minutes apart 92 years ago, they both died of heart failure June 1 at St. Bonaventure spokesman told The Associated Press. The Riester twins spent much of their lives at St.

Bonaventure University, in Allegany, N.

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Along with his brother Nathan , Ablett would regularly attend his father’s training sessions and weekly games. Although he was still a bottom-aged player , Ablett received mid-year State honours for Victoria Country during the National Championships. Ablett made twelve senior appearances in total during the season, before spending the latter half of the year with the reserves team.

to the Rule and Tradition – Daniel P. Horan OFM $ Dating God: Franciscan Novitiate | THE NOVICES – He began discerning a vocation to the priesthood Andrew started to explore the possibility He decided to leave the seminary and join the Conventual Franciscan.

Among the most stimulating genealogies on offer belongs to the syndicate of high-octane Britons who do their work under the antimodernist banner of Radical Orthodoxy. What began as an academic conference became, well, what exactly? Their goal, then—that toward which they severally and collectively order their efforts—seeks a comprehensively Christian account of the world. And doing that, or trying, typically means narrating a story about how we got from premodern to postmodern.

Ingredient to all genealogy is a villain—sometimes several. Most usually, this means an ideologue whose intellectual specter excites heterodox thought-forms that together conjure modernity. So too with the Radically Orthodox. This laurel, or one of them, falls about the neck of John Duns Scotus, the late th century Franciscan scholastic.

The Kabbalistic Life of Pi

Below, EW has exclusive details on 35 of the most anticipated albums of It would be dreadfully boring for us to still be making records playing acoustic guitars and pianos all the time. The xx, I See You , Jan. I learned a lot and, as experience does, it folds itself into your everyday character. Expect Adams to explore heartbreak in the wake of his divorce from actress Mandy Moore.

by Daniel P. Horan, OFM 4 Comments on The Judgments We Make I’ve always been struck by the Gospel account of Jesus returning home to Nazareth and the .

Proof positive – the Catholic Church is not Christian! It is a counterfeit. I wrote a newspaper editorial on the eve of saying the only bugs were in our garden But the ridiculous nonsense of “Global Warming” – now renamed “Climate Change” which covers all bases – grows ever more menacing, especially to freedom as governments roll out ever more restrictive legislation. We write about it in our book, Cults and Isms, True or False?

For greenism is the new religion, or part of it. The Flat Earth theory is flattened — by an astronaut and thousands of Christian writers and scientists.

The Franciscan Heart of Thomas Merton

Share this article Share Before adding: Considering the scale of it! So all I ask of you guys is that you would respect my privacy as I try to recover and get for the where we are tour!

Hearing God’s whispers and turning them into action for others is the message in this Agape Latte with Karen Kiefer, Daniel P. Horan, OFM Fr. Dan Horan, O.F.M. brings the Franciscan tradition to life by imagining our faith journeys in terms of “dating” as a dynamic.

Easter brings with it an abundance of natural joy and reason for celebration. The love of God poured out for us through the Incarnation, the life, the death and now the resurrection, which today we commemorate, of Jesus of Nazareth is made known in the most powerful ways. The resurrection is a focal point of our faith, without which the crucifixion would have no more meaning than the another innocent man executed by the state.

So much does God love us that God entered our world as one like us. Now that is love! One of the things that the Scripture has called my attention to this Easter is the number of ways the friends and disciples of Jesus do and do not recognize the risen Lord. Have you ever noticed that? Why is it that? What were they expecting to see? Horan, a Franciscan friar, teaches at Siena College.

He blogs at Dating God , part of the CCblogs network. There is, at first glance, a lot of confusion and the need for a messenger from God to begin to clarify the situation, reset the context, for it had only been a few days since the Lord was crucified. He was supposed to be dead, or so they thought.


They were made on http: I think if you read the various posts I have made on this subject on this Blog I would not have to repeat it all here. Also, keep in mind that Islam does play a role in end time prophecy.

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Fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5: We know joy because God rejoices. Preparing for his Passion, Jesus first addresses his disciples at the Last Supper. He invites us to know his joy as his friends, and by becoming like him: As the Father loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love. This is my commandment: And then, as Jesus prepares to give Himself completely for us, to the Father, he says this: But now I am coming to you.

Joy is not the absence of suffering.


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