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Photo by Jim K. As early as the ‘s, New York City officials saw the need for an express highway that would provide local and through-traffic service through Staten Island. Unlike the Willowbrook and Richmond parkways proposed elsewhere in the borough, the new route was to allow cars, trucks and buses. All three routes were to provide access to the proposed Narrows Crossing, as well as to the existing Port Authority crossings between Staten Island and New Jersey. The master plan described the expressway route as follows: This is an express connection linking the Goethals and Bayonne bridges, and the industrial areas at their plazas, with the south shore of Staten Island, and the Stapleton piers and docks. When the proposed Narrows Crossing is constructed, this route will form a principal part of its approach highway system and will be an essential link in a through express route from southern New Jersey to New York. Development of design and engineering plans for the expressway and the Narrows Crossing were postponed until after World War II. By that time, the anticipated development of the island required a borough-wide network of expressways and parkways to relieve congested local roads.

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Attorney, Columnist on U. Brooklyn has led the way in establishing a novel community court that has reduced costs to the taxpayer, decreased the number of defendants sent to jail and also drove a drop in crime. Staten Island, however, has been falling behind despite facing serious public threats. With an opioid epidemic and immigrant communities on edge, Staten Island must catch up to ensure we are keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Travis is served by freight trains on the Travis Branch of the Staten Island Railway, which leads into the Howland Hook Container Terminal and the North Shore Branch. One proposal for a West Shore Light Rail has it using these tracks.

The bees changed everything, because the explanation for what so mysteriously turned them red indirectly gave investigators a pretext to twice search the factory after they were unable to obtain a search warrant. The second search was last week and led to the confirmation of what a tipster had told investigators six years before.

The bees themselves were not actually red, but they assumed that hue when their translucent honey stomachs carried red stuff whose source was initially a mystery. Both bees and spilled syrup—high-fructose corn syrup HFCS and red dye 40—were seen outside the factory. At the same time, Mondella was growing concerned about bees invading his factory. Could you give me a call? He called Bozek and subsequently communicated with Mondella, both by phone and via dozens of emails.

Cote later gave The Daily Beast an analysis of the case via email: The beekeepers were annoyed that their bees were drinking run off from a food factory. Everyone had a valid beef. Cote met with the younger Arthur Mondella there three times for a total of around four hours.

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In , in order to encourage an expansion of the Dutch settlements, the English resurveyed Oude Dorp which became known as “Old Town” and expanded the lots along the shore to the south. These lots were settled primarily by Dutch families and became known as Nieuwe Dorp meaning “New Village” , which later became anglicized as New Dorp. Captain Christopher Billopp , after years of distinguished service in the Royal Navy, came to America in in charge of a company of infantry.

The following year, he settled on Staten Island, where he was granted a patent for acres 3.

It was a knockout of a night at the Daily News Golden Gloves boxing event at St. John’s University, Grymes Hill. A standing-room-only crowd of close to fans turned out Friday to watch three.

Later as teenagers, the filmmakers assumed Cropsey was just an urban legend: That all changed in the summer of when a year-old girl with Down syndrome, named Jennifer Schweiger, disappeared from their community. That was the summer all the kids from Staten Island discovered that their urban legend was real. Now as adults Joshua and Barbara have returned to Staten Island to create Cropsey, a feature documentary that delves into the mystery behind Jennifer and four additional missing children.

The film also investigates Andre Rand, the real-life boogeyman linked to their disappearances. Embarking on a mysterious journey into the underbelly of their forgotten borough, these filmmakers uncover a reality that is more terrifying than any urban legend. We remembered family members and neighbors searching for these children, wandering through vacant lots, poking at the ground with their sticks, testing the soil, etc.

Minutes away from every point on the small island, the former Willowbrook Mental Institution cast a surreal shadow over the otherwise unexciting landscape of our suburbia. It was our playground, a place for bored teenagers seeking scary adventures or victimless crimes. It was also the inevitable location of all our nightmares when one child,Jennifer Schweiger was found there that fateful summer night.

The story of the mysterious drifter had shed a new light on the overlap between myth and reality in our small town.

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Jewish Press Over the past four and a half years, over families from Brooklyn have traded their daily view of concrete and bustling streets for the grassy backyards and open skies of Staten Island. Necessity was the main impetus — Boro Park homes were simply too expensive, said Mrs. Many were initially afraid to take the leap, though. The chassidim settled primarily in three areas: Westerleigh about 30 new families , Willowbrook about new families , and Manor Heights a previously completely non-Jewish area, now with new Jewish families.

Red Hook Community Justice Center; Richmond County (Staten Island) Summons Courts; BRONX COUNTY (CRIMINAL DIVISION) Supervising Judge Hon. George A. Grasso. Borough Chief Clerk William Kalish. Location The Bronx Criminal Court is located at East st Street, between Sherman & Sheridan Avenues and East st Street, between Morris & Sherman Avenues.

Sync recorded shows to your mobile devices. Get 1, s of shows On Demand. Availability, channels, and speeds displayed are not guaranteed. As the area’s population has grown, so has the variety of cable providers that bring Internet and television services to this region. Whether you unwind with reality TV, sports, news, or something else entirely, it’s easy to find the perfect cable plan with our listings.

Sports are a big part of American life, so they’re an important part of cable programming as well. Spend your spring and summer nights supporting the New York Mets as they round the bases. Other providers offer between and channels, including a healthy mix of live sporting options.

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I am envious of my friends, who are my age or not too much younger, who can do 25 to 30 mile walks, and I would love to work my way up to that level. In the absence of Shun Takino , who is the photog for most of my tours, Bob steps in and has ably chronicled many of the walks. Of course, we have to wait for him to catch up with the rest of us sometimes!

Robert Mulero From the ferry:

ATAX – Staten Island, NY – Google+ One misstep could hold up your tax return — maybe even your refund — for weeks or months, and you might even end up on the hook for interest and penalties. Here are 11 tax mistakes you definitely want to avoid: 11 Big Tax Mistakes to Avoid – .

This photo shows the Goethals Bridge in the background, side-by-side with the Arthur Kill Railroad Bridge in the foreground. Photo by Tom Scannello. Since , bills to secure a bridge, or a series of bridges between Staten Island and New Jersey had been introduced in the New York and New Jersey state legislatures. The construction of the Arthur Kill railroad bridge, near the current site of the Goethals Bridge, extended the industrial growth of the Newark-Elizabeth area into the Howland Hook section of Staten Island.

However, the bridge exclusively served freight traffic. Three ferries, all of which were being taxed beyond their capacities, served passenger traffic between Staten Island and New Jersey. New solutions were sought to deal with the surging demand in automobile and truck travel after World War I. In , the New York and New Jersey Bridge and Tunnel Commission issued a report calling for the reconstruction of a combination highway and railroad bridge between Staten Island and Elizabeth to replace the existing railroad swing bridge.

The report also called for the construction of a highway bridge between Staten Island and Perth Amboy. Since the channel was shallow, and a low-level bridge was thought to be the solution, the cost was expected to be low.

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This web site is dedicated to: Dad spent most of his life on Long Island and loved the water. He even specified that his ashes be spread on a small island on the Great South Bay, where he spent many summer days with his family and friends.

Aug 26,  · I’m at the state’s only legal nude beach wearing nothing but a smile. “Newspapers always do a story on the beach at least once a year,” says Al Kononowitz of Brick.

Armed Forces in contingency and operations other than war. Howland Hook is an ideal strategic deployment site. One of the largest refineries in the world is located on Arthur Kill, with Billions of gallons of storage. It is a petroleum feeder port for 5 states with cargoes ranging from aviation fuel for Logan Airport to home heating oil up the Hudson. Strategically located near the Goethals Bridge, the Howland Hook Marine Terminal occupies a acre site readily accessible to major truck routes and will soon be connected to the North American rail network via the revitalized Staten Island Rail Road.

In the terminal is expected to handle more than , containers of cargo. In the mid s Howland Hook Marine Terminal was literally dead in the water. Its previous tenant, U. Lines, went out of business in , and the terminal sat empty for years. Howland Hook re-opened in the fall of The marine terminal accounts for 10 percent of the total container volume for the entire port of New York and New Jersey — and that number is growing.

Benefits are felt by business people throughout the region, including truckers, import-export businesses, and warehouses.

R44 (New York City Subway car)

A Glimpse of the Way Things Were. It is the year Grant is in the White House after being elected president following a successful victory in the Civil War. Walrus mustaches are popular among men, and top hats are in. The Department of Justice is created as a government agency.

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Also, the Brooklyn neighborhood already has so few restaurants , and they all do something different. But here are the most compelling of the bunch. Pizza Moto Hamilton Ave. Service might be slow, and during busier dinner services, the staff might not pick up the phone altogether. But against all odds, the faint rumble of traffic on the Gowanus Expressway above can be alluring, especially when combined with the back-lit, colorful guts of old pinball machines that adorn the walls. Fort Defiance Van Brunt St.

Specifically, this cavernous dining room is full of diners who politely nurse pints and eat pork ribs with plastic cutlery instead of their hands. Any jarring sensation of having landed on an alien planet or Manhattan , however, is tempered by the copious hardwood smoke wafting through the air, the crusty and behemoth beef ribs weighing down the paper-lined trays, and small tubs of briny whiskey sour pickles. Also, go during the week, and early, to avoid crowds.

Owner Billy Durney recently introduced Chinese sticky ribs and swapped out a hot-link-type sausage with a pepper-and-provolone number, an ample demonstration that Brooklyn barbecue is real style, after all. Each Red Hook kitchen that has sprung up since has shared much of the same homespun trajectory. Grindhaus Van Brunt St.

Its fans are legion. He also makes one of the most undersung hamburgers in the city proper:

KREISCHERVILLE, Staten Island 2017

Share This Advertisement During the steamy months of summer, there’s nothing quite so refreshing as taking a boat or ferry ride across the New York Harbor to feel the cool breezes that blow off the water and hear the swoosh of breaking waves and low clang of distant buoys. What’s more, you can easily extend this warm-weather sojourn by chilling out for the day at Staten Island’s charming beaches, an accessible and also free activity often overlooked by visitors to the borough.

Along the way, you can easily fill in your itinerary with stops at some of the island’s major attractions.

Next up: Oct. 17, DJ Partners in Sound; Oct. 24, DJ Johnny D; Oct. 31, Single Sensations’ Halloween Costume Party (prizes for best costumes) and every Friday in November, DJ Partners in Sound.

This new series will premiere on April CNBC revealed more about the series in a press release. Check that out below. The six episode entrepreneurial series follows a group of animated friends and businessmen from Staten Island who have yet to come up with an idea or product too far-fetched for them to invest in. Without MBAs or even college degrees these men prove that grit, ingenuity, and imagination may be the real key to success.

What he lacks in business degrees, he makes up for in street smarts and drive. He currently spends a lot of time in Los Angeles as well as New York with multiple business ventures on each coast, and is proud to be on the cutting edge of emerging markets. As the charmer and salesman of the group, Mike has a way of diffusing hostile situations and ultimately getting compromises and closing deals.

He mentors and teaches a lecture series on investing, and is credited with training over eighteen thousand financial advisors. Tony focuses on whether or not the numbers make sense, takes care of the legal work, patents, contracts, professional business plans and often helps secure funding for many of their projects.

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Description[ edit ] A total of R44 cars were ordered: The R44s originally came in singles, but needed each other to run, much like the “married pairs” of subway cars before them R26 to R42, except R33WFs. The SIR-operated cars were never reassembled after overhaul and remain set up as singles. Since September 16, , all NYCTA-operated cars have been retired and replaced by the R s due to structural integrity issues found on those cars.

Mariners Harbor is a neighborhood located in the northwestern part of New York City’s borough of Staten is bordered by Lake Avenue to the east, Forest Avenue to the south, Richmond Terrace to the north, and Holland Avenue to the west.

History[ edit ] The neighborhood is named for its 19th-century harvesting of oysters and other seafood products from the Kill Van Kull , which forms the neighborhood’s northern border Elm Park and Port Ivory lie to the east and west, respectively, while Graniteville is to the south. Later developments included shipbuilding, repair and marine salvage work. Fishing activity declined due to pollution during the 20th century. The Mariners Harbor Yacht Club remains as a reminder of the community’s maritime past.

George Ferry Terminal over the new rail line. Erastina became Mariners’ Harbor soon after Wiman fell from public favor due to scandal and bankruptcy. Passenger service on this line was discontinued on March 31,

Is Staten Island Detroit?

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