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I even got to talk to the UD designer and all around awesome dude David I know he’s on here somewhere You are awesome and i wish i could get my hands on the tron suits! But when night came i realized that having a light-up suit would be absolutely killer at this Con. And with Tron Legacy being one of my favorite movies So since Dragoncon Ended ive been on the hunt for all the pieces of a fully functioning tron suit. Its been 5 Months of relentless searching and I’ve finally gotten all of the things i need to put the suit together The Hardest Part obviously being the light rig. Here’s what I’ve hunted down on gear I really wanted that freaking helmet.

Events for Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors: Dragon Con (Convention)

But I would like to submit that John Dies at the End is the worst butchering of a movie adaptation in recent memory. Perhaps of all time. The degree to which this movie does not understand its source material is staggering. This is as if The Fellowship of the Ring had begun with an hour of the hobbits hanging out with Tom Bombadil and ended with Frodo giving the One Ring to Aragorn instead of taking it to Mordor. At first it seemed like he was writing a Ghostbusters knock-off with more dick jokes.

But as the story went on, out of the foundation of silliness and bathroom humor grew an element of creeping horror.

Nov 21,  · I have been itching to get this thing going because Dragon-Con is coming up, and there’s alot of modifications, wiring and batteries to fit on this. I have the suit on the manikin, and am now figuring out how to get the lights onto the suit.

How to Deal With Marriage Rejection Your marriage proposal has just been rejected and it feels like the world is crashing down around your head. You have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and you wish you could just bury your head in the sand and forget about life for a while. Some guys handle rejection really bad and go on a six-month bender as they drown their sorrows in alcohol. Others have a tendency to become sad sacks and miserable human beings that nobody wants to be around.

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Just avoid social media for the time being until the hype surrounding your rejection dies down. They will help you overcome this issue a lot faster so give them a try. There is enough in the city to keep you and your best pals busy for an entire weekend. There is so much to do that often it can get confusing if you do not come here prepared. How to Plan a Vegas Bachelor Party Make a guest list Before you head out to the Sin City, make sure you make a guest list of pals that will be joining you on your trip.

Contact these guys before hand to make sure that they are coming.

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The wife in question here is hotwifeblog member Cindy from Chicago – she really gave such great answers to my questions. Thank you Cindy for agreeing to be interviewed and for giving such frank, graphic and honest answers. Hi there Cindy, Where are you from? Where is your age? What are your measurements? What is your height?

DragonCon is over, but the memories live on. For many, those memories are spectacular. They will always remember the camaraderie, the helpfulness of people, the panels, the shows, the celebrity interactions, the parade and the cosplay.

At MY Comic Convention? By Joe Peacock Geeks have sex at conventions. Gasp, shriek, oh the shock and the horror Someone catch me, I believe I’ve caught the vapors, all that. Well, what do you expect when you bring together a community of consenting adults with similar interests with a celebratory atmosphere of belonging and acceptance? From what I’ve heard and seen at other conventions across the country, it’s universal. The term “HookupCon” has been bandied about for the past few years. You can bet that everyone who has attended DragonCon for at least two years has some story that begins with “Well I heard For instance, I heard this one girl kissed an alien.

There’s even photographic proof, above. I was curious if the staff of DragonCon knew about some of the rumors whispered about their convention, so I reached out to Dan Carroll, head of media relations. Anything goes at DragonCon — you might see a xenomorph getting its freak on with Santa Claus Given the people I know and the circles they run with, I thought I’d dig a little deeper. So I had some of my friends in various circles give me a rundown of their experiences over the past some-odd years of attending after hours parties, events, and other activities that have contributed to a reputation of DragonCon being “HookupCon”.

I will not be using full names in this article, nor will I go into detail about the events that take place behind closed doors.

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They say that they get about 40, , people every year but it’s closer to 65, or 70, and every year, it keeps growing. There is so much to see that it can actually short out your brain. When I got back my friends asked me how it was and I actually needed a few days to process all that I had seen and done, heard and tasted, battled and escaped from before I could talk to them about it.

Dragon*Con Every Year, Please – Tales from Grand Prix: Atlanta, A ® Select Article, Written By Ted Knutson, Published On 9/11/

Cosplay Photos — Dragon Con part 4 Unfortunately others will be walking away from the one of the worst experience of their lives. These are the people that saw the other side of DragonCon and will never return to see the good side. These are the people that experienced the assholes and jerks, the rude and the crude. Atlanta, GA had a lot going on over the long weekend which brought in hundreds of thousands of people. DragonCon alone was expected to see 82, people.

On top of that there was the Chick-fil-A College Football Kickoff games College Football tournament which pulled in around 75, people. This was also the Atlanta Black Pride Weekend which has attendance numbers estimated at around , The problem is, that when you have that many people all there to celebrate something in their own ways, there will be conflict. On top of that you have the ones that are just there to create conflict and ones who are there to take advantage of the situation.

The BAD Drunken idiots, sexual harassment, thievery, molestation, and spiked drinks were just some of the minor issues encountered at DragonCon over the weekend. The worst in my opinion was when somebody decided it was a good idea to throw chairs from a 10th floor balcony.

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If you’re looking when was carbon dating first used a costume idea, here are some of the best! Since way back inwe’ve been rounding up our favorite Halloween costumes each year. The room smelled a bit funky. May 28th on Pan Limbo. They had no jesus so people limbo dragomcon around for jesus dragoncon hook up for a car to be north in.

Aug 26,  · It is extremely easy to hook up, and it can create an ad-hoc network that a phone can join. Lastly, the LEDs required 5 volts, and experiments showed that the screen was capable of drawing 6 or 7 amps at times. I chose Turnigy mAh 2S Lithium Polymer batteries which are small, lightweight, and can supply more than enough current for the LEDs. With two cells in series, these packs provide .

After performing worldwide onstage, directing commercially, and following the film festival circuit with his stop-motion animated films, Voltaire will now direct a film based on his own comic work. There’s scantily clad girls. His plans for this film are to give his fans all of their favorite aspects of his work: When the reanimated skeletons of Necronus, a cemetery planet across the dark expanse of space, decide they need Earth paved into a landing strip, they send possibly the worst of their agents to undertake the task.

Arrogant, pompous, and not the brightest laser in the arsenal, Heironymous Poshe takes on human form and travels to Earth aboard his Black Spire, a spaceship that could easily pass for a giant black cathedral. However, Poshe has plans of his own–namely, to avoid a desk job on the Necrid home world and live a life of leisure in a fixed orbit above Earth.

For centuries Poshe along with his robot slave and an imprisoned midget has avoided his prime directive.

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Is there some bias coming from me as an Atlanta resident? Dragon Con differentiates itself from other cons, like San Diego and New York, by having a bias towards fantasy and sci-fi. What really makes Dragon Con yes, they ditched the asterisk because they bought the bad guy out so unique though is that it is truly a con for fans and people who perhaps — though not necessarily — identify largely as misfits. Plus, where else can you find a Whedonverse panel, a marionette cabaret, and Mythbuster Adam Savage wandering the convention floor all in one day?

Aug 15,  · @ScottRogowsky from @hqtrivia said that Halloween is the only time you can hook up with a Ninja Turtle or make out with Pikachu. He’s clearly never spent time at #DragonCon.

It certainly got everyone talking, and we were not an exception. There was so much to talk about after this episode, we figured five heads were better than one. Echo House was a controversial episode that seems to have divided the fandom. Leaving the issues aside for a moment, what did you think about the episode overall? Strip away the scenes that I had problems with and you have maybe five minutes of show. It makes it very hard for me to have given this episode much of a chance.

I will say that Kira continues to impress me.

Wild Things (Chicagoland Vampires No. 9)

BY Miss Cellania October 27, Since way back in , we’ve been rounding up our favorite Halloween costumes each year. If you’re looking for a costume idea, here are some of the best! Sputnik 2 In , Flickr user vietnamted put together a costume that recreated Sputnik 2 , the Soviet spaceship that took the dog Laika into space.

“John Dies at the End” has broken my heart. Posted by Christina Kim On March 03, which sets Dave up as the nice guy with a crush and paves the way for him to hook up with her in the end. DragonCon Report: The Geekiary Goes to DragonCon (Again) 18 Oct

Breaking Glass Pictures While the premise of Kept Boy is interesting and the cast does a great job, there were times I felt it could have been a lot better. The opinions are my own. Matters are made worse when Farleigh shows interest in a young interior designer named Jasper Greg Audino. Dennis and Jasper immediately butt heads and there are some nice comedic moments where Dennis starts acting out because he thinks Farleigh will soon be replacing him.

Kept Boy is based on a book of the same name by Robert Rodi. It gives us a glimpse into the life of individuals who hook up with older wealthier people to find stability. We have Lonnie John-Michael Carlton who lives with an older woman, and Paulette Toni Romano-Cohen who is trying to maintain a relationship with an older man. The scenes that Dennis shares with his friends are one of the best in the film and I would have liked to see more.

He spent the entirety of the film trying to win Farleigh back and nothing worked. Also, the unraveling of the mystery surrounding Jasper and how the characters connected felt a bit too convenient. Anyway, having said that, Kept Boy is an enjoyable movie. The character is struggling with a lot of emotion and Jon Paul Phillips is able to convey it impressively in front of the camera.

Also, the ending does hint at a better life for Dennis, one where he can be his own person.

Danielle Panabaker Talks ‘The Flash’ Season 2, Killer Frost, and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Like they say over there: More information about these exciting events will be added here as it becomes available, be sure to check the online event listing for details when event registration opens. Are you going to GenCon?

DragonCon Guests Info Portal With hundreds of guests the DC:GIP helps you track who is attending by shows, movies & video games. DragonCon: Guests Information Portal.

Love these books, love cadogan, love merit, love ethan, love chloe neill! Omg I had no idea we had a name for this book yet?! Im so excited to read your series I just wow im so happy!! Would really love to see it on the big screen. We need a girl like Merit up there. On a side note, Merit has seemed to change in appearance from the first few book covers to the one coming out in February.

Like the older ones better….. Please please let Merit and Ethan stay together! Just had read another series and that ended a great relationship! Please keep them together! Hi i am from india and i just finished reading biting bad, its awesome!!!! I just get lost in the stories and I love it, it helps when you can escape reality for a little bit. You amaze me every time Chloe. I am a fan for the long run.

Dragon Con 2013 Interviews: BMO (Adventure Time)

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