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The Amity, Raven, and Aurora by Lynn Olson I’ve been designing loudspeaker systems since , but I didn’t move into electronic design until , when I started the Amity project. I’d been reviewing various amplifiers for Positive Feedback magazine since , and was intrigued by the whole SE-DHT phenomenon – writing the first US review of the Ongaku left an impression as well. I auditioned many SE-DHT amplifiers after that, but in all honesty, none came up to the mark set by the Ongaku, although some came pretty close. I met the designer of the Ongaku a couple of years later at the CES, and Kondo confirmed my impression that the circuit of the Ongaku wasn’t anything remarkable. It was the implementation – the all-silver signal path, especially the hand-made silver coupling cap and the all-silver output transformer, that gave the Ongaku its distinctive clarity and insight. Kondo-san said that building one on the cheap would just result in a quite ordinary SE amplifier – the Ongaku could be thought of as the ultimate parts-tweaker amplifier, a design that would sound completely different if all parts weren’t exactly as specified. Anyone that listens to SE amplifiers over any length of time is going to become aware just how different they sound from each other. Transistor amplifiers, at least if competently designed, sound more or less alike.

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When I was in high school in age 17 , my father took me downtown in Seattle, Washington, to look at some stereo equipment because he wanted to buy a hi-fi system. Each speaker had two panels that were six feet high, connected together, and were set up with the two panels in an approximately V configuration so that they would not need a base, like a room divider. They could also be set up separately disconnecting the two panels , for stereo operation this was in , when mono was still common.

One could purchase two speakers and set them up with two panels on one side and two panels on the other side for stereo operation.

Help with connectivity options please? Have a DSP going into a Audio interface.

In practically every other region on the planet, the Norwegian company is well respected for its range of excellent amplifiers, CD players and especially its DACs. In the UK however, the brand is almost unknown… which is a shame, because based on the HD11 32bit, we Brits are missing a trick. The HD11 has an ace up its sleeve, as it can send messages back down the USB line — if you are using a computer — and control your music server software at a distance.

It even works with software like Pandora and Spotify… excellent! And under the hood is a fruity toroidal transformer, the likes of which any passing audiophile would nod at in approval. Hegel has a long history of DAC engineering, with its first converter dating back more than 20 years. Not asynchronous USB; the darling of the computer audiophile is, according to Hegel designer Anders Ertzeid, has more to do with clever marketing than it is good engineering smarts.

The HD11 bit has its own custom re-clocking system instead, as well as a special impedance matching circuit on COAX 1 to reduce any cable-interface jitter problems in their own right. Designers can make an elegant argument to support their case while undermining the argument of rivals, and vice versa. So, no problems there, then!

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Dec 09,  · There’s nothing better than a gift that literally keeps on giving. This holiday season, one of the most useful (and pricey) gifts you can give is a music streaming subscription.

Meridian Ultra DAC Meridian has always had a reputation for thinking outside the box, dating right back to the strikingly original series amps. The other benefits of MQA, which seem particularly appealing to music producers and musicians is the notion that what the end user hears bit-wise is exactly the same as the recording engineer has signed off on. On seeing this chunky black box, my son asked why the new printer, was sitting next to my valve amp! The power supply is a good old-fashioned linear affair, which normally emits less noise into the surrounding audio eco-system.

The front panel has an electrically quiet static dot-matrix display, there are controls for source selection, DSP with a choice of three filters: The display can be altered from the front panel to show sample rates and other relevant information.

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There are also a variety of accessories, including equipment racks, power conditioners , devices to reduce or control vibration , record cleaners, anti-static devices, phonograph needle cleaners, reverberation reducing devices such as speaker pads and stands, sound absorbent foam, and soundproofing. The interaction between the loudspeakers and the room room acoustics plays an important part in sound quality. Sound vibrations are reflected from walls, floor and ceiling, and are affected by the contents of the room.

Room dimensions can create standing waves at particular usually low frequencies. There are devices and materials for room treatment that affect sound quality. Soft materials, such as draperies and carpets, can absorb higher frequencies, whereas hard walls and floors can cause excess reverberation.

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Speed Dating Five Monitor Speakers Article By Steven Stone Click here to e-mail reviewer I promised at the end of my last installment to review some more desktop-appropriate speakers this time around. I’m nothing if not a man of my word. But after writing audio reviews for nearly 30 years I’ve found the only way to stay fresh is to change it up occasionally.

I’ve decided instead of doing my usually extra-thorough job on two pairs of speakers I’d review five, count ’em, five, different pairs of speakers. How can I do that in only words? Easy, I’m inaugurating the audiophile equivalent of speed dating. The goal is to supply you with enough information so you can decide if a particular speaker is worth a serious listen.

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Both are not supported by Ubuntu and I assume the derivatives. ALSA under ubuntu gets you massive benefits for free meaning you don’t have to spend hours installing packages and having them break like multiple audio sources. I will also agree that the UI for Ubuntu is quite fugly. Very rarely would people select linux for their UI though.

It just isn’t done. If you want an awesome UI you basically have to get a Mac.

Aug 30,  · good sound doesn’t have to be expensive!

By Audiophile April 3, audiophile , headphones Are you planning to buy a budget-friendly headphone set? Do you want some of the best features and quality sound? When we think of buying cheap headphones, we always think that we need to compromise some of the improved features. But in reality, you will find many affordable options in the headphones. You just need to choose the right one. Headphones come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and features.

With a tight budget, you need to be careful to pick the best one.

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This new recording presents orchestral suites based on two of the most significant operas in history. Der Rosenkavalier found its place in the concert hall from the beginning, first with two waltz sequences and later with the famous suite. But Elektra remained purely on the opera stage until now.

Oct 24,  · the Audiophile those who like a good home stereo Page 3 of 3 (1, 2, 3): THX Technologies is the shit. I love playing the sound effects tracks in high bass stereo.

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